Sunday, 6 April 2008

Welcome to Micro-ISV.asia

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Hi and welcome to my new blog: Micro-ISV.asia.

My name is Jan Goyvaerts. I dipped my toe in the micro-isv waters in 1996. I released HelpScribble onto the unsuspecting world in October that year. Though in retrospect, I rather released a whole new world onto unsuspecting me. In January 2000 I got sucked into the vortex completely. Shareware, as it was called at the time, became my full-time business after dropping out of university the year before.

Over eight years into the game, I’ve gained quite a bit of experience in developing and publishing software. I have shared some of my opinions over the years in newsgroups, at conferences and on my old blog. But I’ve never written about the wonderful world of independent software development with any consistency. This new blog fixes that.

At Micro-ISV.asia I’ll publish my opinions about current events and best practices for Micro-ISVs, and write about stuff I’m cooking up myself at Just Great Software. The main audience for this blog are obviously all the other Micro-ISVs out there, people who are thinking about starting their own software businesss, as well as people with general interest in the industry.

If you’re a Just Great Software customer, this blog will give you a glimpse inside the sausage factory. But for regular product updates, keep your subscription to the Just Great Software newsfeed or newsletter.


  1. Jan, I’m curious about what you did with all the postcards ?

    Comment by Connie McClellan — Friday, 25 April 2008 @ 22:57

  2. At my parents’ home in Belgium there is a shed with lots of old stuff, including several boxes with about 10,000 postcards.

    Comment by Jan — Sunday, 27 April 2008 @ 9:49

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