Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Great Programming Font Updated

Filed under: Programming — Jan Goyvaerts @ 11:31

I just received an email from Damien Guard to let me know he has updated his Envy Code R font. That’s one of my three favorite programming fonts.

He reduced the font’s line height. It will now fit about the same number of lines on the screen at a given font size as the other two fonts. The repertoire of accented characters has been expanded. The font is still restricted to the Latin alphabet.


  1. […] Planet-MicroISV:  Micro-ISV.asia has announced the availability of an update for the Envy Code R font, a font designed for programming.  Available for DOS, Windows, and Mac for English and several […]

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  2. I have been using this a while after your tip off with font size 10. I just noticed a funny result in the comments for ‘d’, see the screenshot from a file open in editpad

    Comment by boardtc — Thursday, 23 October 2008 @ 21:26

  3. This is a limitation of EditPad when painting text with overhang. It’s particularly pronounced with italic text at large font sizes.

    The next free minor update of EditPad will have a more intelligent painting algorithm that makes sure the overhang is not clipped by the next bit of text.

    Comment by Jan Goyvaerts — Thursday, 23 October 2008 @ 21:48

  4. Fonts are nice, but what size do you prefer for your Delphi work? Background color? Just got a new machine & screen, and I had to come here to get my fonts.

    Comment by Dave — Saturday, 29 August 2009 @ 7:43

  5. In EditPad Pro, I use 10 point Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, with the “white on black” color scheme selected in Options, Preferences, Colors. In Delphi I use 10 point Lucida Console with the color scheme set as close as I can make it to the one in EditPad Pro.

    I use dual 1920*1080 24″ matte LCDs.

    Comment by Jan Goyvaerts — Sunday, 30 August 2009 @ 15:32

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