Saturday, 14 August 2010

Delphi XE is Coming

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The successor of Delphi 2010 will be called Delphi XE rather than Delphi 2011. The first of three sneak previews is now available on Embarcadero’s website. If the video doesn’t play smoothly, try watching it on YouTube.

Embarcadero acquired Delphi and the other Borland developer tools in 2008. Borland itself has since been completely sold of and no longer exists as a company. It seems that Embarcadero is now working on integrating Delphi and the other Borland products into their own product lines.

Embarcadero sells a wide range of database management applications. Previously these tools were sold separately for each database platform. Now these tools can be purchased as one package supporting all databases that the tools are availble for. These cross-database editions are sold under the XE moniker. Delphi has always supported a wide range of databases. In that respect it fits within the XE toolsets. So you could say that XE stands for “cross-platform Embarcadero-style”, where a platform is a database platform rather than an operating system platform.

Embarcadero has also published a new roadmap for Delphi. Project “Fulcrum” on the roadmap is the codename of Delphi XE. Support for Win64, OSX, and Linux remains on the roadmap, in that order. So it’s safe to assume Delphi XE will be Win32-only, as Delphi has been since version 2 back in 1996.

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